YouTube Channel Info

768px-Youtube_icon.svgHey friends! I know I’ve not really posted any new content here in a while, other than some promotions. There are a lot of reasons, however, I’ve mainly been focused on getting my new YouTube channel up and running.

The new channel on YouTube, TimmyWA Presents!, is another way to help me express myself, my knowledge, experience, and personality with the world. I don’t think I’m anything special, per se. But I have a strong desire to share what’s inside of me with all of you.

The channel will focus on Disney, cars, tech, broadcasting, and whatever else kinda comes up. The schedule looks like this:

  • Monday: Disney! I’ll be sharing info I’ve written here as well as other Disney-related things.
  • 1st Friday: Cars. Anything automotive. Repair, buying, selling, maintenance, demonstrations, etc.
  • 2nd Friday: Broadcasting. One of my passions is radio. I run an internet radio station, America’s Country. I also am good friends with some prominent radio people around the country.
  • 3rd Friday: Technology. Devices, stuff, internet, tips & tricks, etc.
  • 4th Friday: Open Mic. Anything goes here. We may review or do more of a deep-dive on things we’ve recently discussed.
  • 5th Friday: Live! On the rare occasion of a 5th Friday, we’ll consider doing a live video. Chat will be open and I’ll answer questions and discuss things that you bring up.

I invite you to Subscribe to the channel here: Subscribe!

When you watch the videos, please Like 👍 them and Share!

Thank you all!

A New Chapter: A Review

Let’s see what we’ve done so far after turning the page on our new chapter. I wanted to review with you the changes we’ve made. As mentioned, the changes weren’t anything major, but subtle adjustments that should all culminate in our goal of a very engaging and easy to listen to source for Country Music.

What You Hear

We have discontinued the 90’s shows on the weekdays, The 90’s @ Noon and The 90’s Drive @ 5. We discontinued the Zero-Talk Four-Play that had us playing four songs without any interruption at the top of the hour. We stopped overlapping station IDs and other elements on top of the song intros. Our purpose of making these adjustments are under the main goal of making our station easy to listen to. So each time you tune in to us, you get the same station. Not talking over the music is key to our focus on story. The story of the song. Just like you’d not be able to enjoy a book if you lost the first couple chapters, a lot of the song’s story is presented and set up in the song’s intro.

We’ve also made some slight adjustments to our music rotations again, to smooth out the listening experience.

The Story

America’s Country will be a library of stories. The stories of the artists and their songs. The stories of you, our amazing friends and listeners. And our own story that brings this all together.

We’d like your stories to be on the air. If you’re feeling brave, you can call our Listener line at 801-788-4916 and leave your brief story with us. These recordings will be, at your permission, played on the air. We’d ask you to leave your first name, the town you’re from, and just a quick bit about who you are and your story.

If you can’t reach this number for some reason, you can record it yourself and email it to us at Contact us directly if you have questions.

I’m excited to see where we go with this new chapter. So far, things feel better. Our overall numbers have increased. If you’d like to share our story, please send this short URL to whomever you’d like:

Thank you!



A New Chapter

America’s Country has been an amazing adventure for me for these past eight years. However, my history with Country Music spans at least 30 years. I started listening to Country music in the early 90’s and immediately fell in love with the feel, textures, attitudes, but mostly, with the story telling.

No matter what the current trends in Country Music are, there is always an underlying story being told. Even with “bro country”, the lyrics and music might have been a bit of a departure, but there’s still a story being told. I would be ignorant to say other types of music don’t tell stories. They all do. But what always keeps me coming back and keeps me “in the saddle” is that Country Music is completely driven by stories.

a new chapter

Early this year, we’ll be making some minor adjustments to how we present the music. We’re not changing the music. We’re not moving away or towards any kind of Country. We’re just changing how it’s presented. Because everyone likes a bit of mystery and intrigue, I’ll not post all the spoiler info here.

Keep an eye on our Social Media and keep an ear to your music player. You’ll soon start hearing our change in narrative.

As always, thank you for listening and I will be really hoping and praying for your continued feedback as we make some of these changes. I want to know if it’s garbage. I want to know if you love it. Post here or on any of our Social Media with your comments.

Thank you! Timmy.

Texas Country Is Coming


Hey friends! I’ve been considering adding a new category of music to our playlist. We’ve been playing the Texas Country Music Countdown every weekend for many years and it’s gotten some really good feedback. Due to the growth of this sub-genre of music, there’s been a bit of excitement about it in the industry. It comes across as very honest, raw, and genuine. There’s now several high-profile music monitoring and charting companies that are tracking airplay and downloads.

I’m currently working out the details and connecting with labels and artists to get ahold of some of this great music. Once I gather a good library and come up with a good way to present it, I’ll be adding it to our regular music rotations.

Based on some feedback, recently, there’s a general distaste for some of the modern, poppy country music. I strive to make America’s Country as appealing and enjoyable for all of you. Everyone’s a bit different and has a different background and come from different places in the world. I can’t ignore what’s making it big and what a lot of people want to hear. But I also like the idea of some good variety. We’re not a big, corporate owned station. I have some freedom to have some control over what goes on the air. That’s a lot of the reason I play a lot of 90’s Country. I REALLY like it! I think a lot of you like it as well.

Keep an eye here and on Social Media for more information. I hope to get this setup and organized quickly. Thank you for listening and making America’s Country part of your lives.


We’re Moving!

We're Moving!

Yep! We’re moving… Kinda. We are moving to a new stream host server. Hopefully, this will not cause any interruptions to our streams. Because this is technology, it may and we appreciate your understanding.

Why? We are moving to a new system that will provide a better overall experience. The servers are in a world-class data center with redundancy and fail-over capabilities so we can keep streaming with very little to no interruptions. This is also under a new non-profit organization. This saves us loads of money as the billing structure is quite different for non-profits versus standard music streaming on the internet.

As silly as it sounds, our commercials should also be better. We still need to pay so there will still be advertising on the station and on our website. Please visit our sponsors and click on the banners to support our operations and keep us on the air.

Our stream launch page will be going away, for now. We’re trying to figure out a way to bring it back and we’ll let you know when that happens. Meanwhile, we’ll update our links as soon as possible and you shouldn’t notice anything. You’ll not have to change your links or favorites. One casualty of this move is we’re losing our station listing on Apple’s iTunes Internet Radio. Apple is slowly discontinuing that service and as part of that process, they are not allowing new listings or changes to existing listings. You can still listen to us through iTunes, by pasting our URL in File > Open Stream.

We will continue to have our station listed in as many listing services as possible. Mainly, will be available and is the most popular site for streaming radio. We’re also listed at nRadio,, and many others. If you know of some more listing sites, please let me know.

This transition should take only a couple of weeks and again, you all shouldn’t notice any of these changes. Please move from iTunes to TuneIn or some other listening page. As we notice things that may disrupt service, we’ll try to keep you informed.

As always, thank you so much for listening and being part of our family!

Love ya!


Quick Spring/Summer 2018 Update

Hi friends! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve made a new post here. Most of my attention is on our Social Media. Please be sure you hook up with our accounts at Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. As far as things that are happening, well… we’re just trucking on! Nothing major to announce. We’re just playing your favorite tunes and hopefully entertaining you.

We are loving the John & Heidi Show weekdays from 6-10am (Mountain). We also love our Texas Country Countdown on Saturdays at Noon. And, finally, we absolutely are thrilled to present Dana Williams (yeah, that guy from Diamond Rio) and his show Radio Rehab, Sundays at Noon. Please be sure to listen and let them know you’re hearing them on America’s Country.

We are constantly tweaking with our sound processing. You might have heard some improvements or changes over the past few months. Sometimes, that improvement requires brief stream interruptions. I try to do that later at night to minimize the impact. I appreciate you always coming back!

Please let me know how we can be better. Let me know better songs, better rotations of different kinds of songs from different eras. Let me know about new shows I could consider to add. Let me know about great artists you’ve heard. We want to be your favorite place for great Country Music! Help us be that place!



Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays 2017

Merry Christmas!

From our family to yours, we, at America’s Country, wish you all a very merry Christmas. I love this time of year. There are so many opportunities to give and to be generous to our neighbors, family and friends. Here, in Utah, it snowed overnight. This is the first significant snow in the area and it always inspires such wonderful feelings. Add that and our mix of great Country music and classic Christmas tunes and you get an amazing experience.

I have not yet begun to start planning for our 2018. I’ve been very grateful for what we’ve accomplished in 2017. Just recently, we added our new show, Radio Rehab with Dana Williams of Diamond Rio fame. That has been a perfect addition to our existing catalog of entertaining shows including our daily morning show with John & Heidi, and our good buddy Kenny Schneebeli’s Texas Country Music Countdown.

Your response to these shows has been great! I hope you’ll keep listening to these outstanding productions. I am always looking for new shows to bring you but we want to be sure they are of the highest quality and provide great entertainment and expose you to new and fun music and personalities.

For the remainder of 2017, we are planning to continue adding more Christmas songs to the mix and finally, 48 hours of commercial-free Christmas music on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We will then return to our normal programming on the 26th. Again, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Fall 2017 Update

Hello friends! It’s been too long. We have been in a very steady growth phase. I’ve made some previously mentioned musical adjustments, adding in more 90s music, especially. You all have responded very well!  We’ve also freshened up our station IDs and other elements to enhance our overall presentation. Again, you have loved it!

Some of the freshening includes our utter gratitude towards you. We are so grateful for your support and in your choice to make us your station of choice for great Country Music! Thank you also for spreading the word around to your friends, co-workers, and family.

Each time I check our listener numbers and other stats, it truly makes me so proud that so many of you come back day after day to get your Country Music. Thank you.

As far as any updates, there’s nothing really major happening. I think we’re in a good “groove” and we continue to grow and make small adjustments here and there, if needed. As we end Summer and move into the Fall season, we do some fun things that coincide with the Holidays. We’ll play a few Halloween-related songs, like Thriller and Monster Mash on Halloween. We’ll also begin sprinkling in Christmas music throughout December. It should be a lot of fun.

Please continue listening! Please continue spreading the word around about us! Please continue to email, message, or text us (see our Contact page). Hit us up on Twitter and Facebook, any time. Thank you!


Moving Forward!

Thank you!


Friends, I need to express my feelings and my deep gratitude for all of your support. I love entertaining and bringing people joy. It was some of the bleakest times when I had to stop providing fun and enjoyable music for those few months, last year. When the good folks at DJC Media approached me and asked if I was ready to get back on the air, I was elated! I was also quite a bit skeptical given the costs involved and I felt like I needed to research and ask a lot of questions. Moving forward!

After I was satisfied that things were on the up and up, I was more than enthused to get the ball rolling again. That was a few months ago and now we are here, in February of 2017. So far, we’ve been on a steady incline. Things have changed. We may not be able to get back up to the amazing numbers of listeners we had back in 2015. But I am so happy that you all are here and I’m more than satisfied with where we are.

As I mentioned before shutting down, this is a labor of love and it was never about money, for me. It was about making people smile and feel good and have a good time. This holds true today. Now, there is truly no money involved. I have to rely on whatever promotions that I can do without incurring an expense. Social media is great! But anything like paid posts, I can’t do.

How can you help us move forward?

This is where I ask you for your help. There’s one big way you can all help and it won’t cost you a dime. Spread the word! Use your social media to let your friends know about us. Send emails, texts, phone calls, even letters! Talk about us at work, at church, at your child’s daycare. Simply send them to If you wish, we always have our secure donation links on our page. If you feel like you can spare a few cents, you may and I would be most grateful and I assure you that your donation will only be used for our station’s operations and will help us move forward.

You, our friends and fans, are going to be the key to our future success. Because you hold the information, you should share it! Don’t keep it all to yourselves. I need all of your help. I feel like the changes we’ve made and are continuing to make will really make us stand out among all the normal country music stations on the radio and on the internet. This is how we will grow and become a major player in the industry. I don’t think anyone else is taking this same approach. This is unique. This is fun!

Thank you all again and let’s keep growing and moving forward together!


Security Updates

Internet Security

As always, I try to keep up on the internet’s latest technology and methods. I also want to keep your safety and security at the top of my list. Over the last several days, I’ve updated our website and web servers to secure data exchange between our servers and your browsers. This is important to ensure that any nefarious people or bots cannot alter any of the text, images or links that may be offensive or harmful.

This will also keep our website up near the top of your favorite internet search results. If you ever need to find us, we’ll be there!

America’s Country will continue to give you the best in technology and, of course, the best in entertainment!

Thank you all for listening!