As mentioned in a previous post, our music library has been entirely re-tagged and cataloged. This took some effort and has made a lot of the next steps very easy. I plan to now go through the music library and start really focusing on the hits! I have some good resources, including my gut instinct, to help bring this playlist around. The tagline of our station is 30 Years of Hits! I want to make that truly the case. Over this weekend, I plan on spending some good time combing through the library and weeding out a lot of songs that are not hits. There are still a lot of good songs that have never been played on radio that I want to play in a low rotation. I want to add songs by less familiar artists that bring talent and compliment the sound of our great station!

The New KXRT is in it’s infancy. We have a long way to go. Thanks for sticking with us and for your help! If you have something to add or any ideas, please don’t hesitate to comment here, send a direct message on our Twitter, or email us at kxrt-studio@marinifamily.org

Thank you!


By timmy

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