I have a weak, anemic computer! That’s really it. All this experimentation and switching back and forth between song titles and none and all the funky crossfading is all based on that bottom line. I’m not whining or looking for sympathy or hand-outs. I am just pointing out the reality. All that I want to do with KXRT just will not run smoothly on the one old computer I have.

As mentioned, I’ve split the duties between two machines. This has cleared up all the problems except a couple. They are showing song titles and taking over the main family computer. While this, in essence, works, it’s not the solution I need. The solution is going to take the one thing I don’t have – money. If I can get a brand new PC for the family, I can demote the current KXRT machine to spare parts and use the current family machine as the new hotness (relatively) for KXRT.

Don’t get excited. Our current financial situation has no extra wiggle-room for a new computer. Especially since “you already have 3 or 4 computers already!” Again, don’t look at this as complaining or begging. I am doing the best with what I have. I just get frustrated that the ideas and help I do get work but are a royal pain!

Meanwhile, enjoy the music! I’ve started adding Halloween tunes to the playlist. This Friday is Halloween! I have a great day of broadcasting setup! Great Halloween songs, ghost stories, sound effects, and in the evening, I’ll be live on the air. I’ll take your calls and put your stories on the air. It will all build up to 8pm Mountain Time, with The War of The Worlds, from Orson Welles and the Mercury Theatre! I hope you listen all day! It will be a blast!


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