Last time I described that I scrubbed our massive library of hit music. I eliminated unknown album songs from popular artists. I also tried to really focus on highly rated singles across the board. This really made the station a lot more listenable and fun!

Over the past days, I’ve taken this focus a bit further. If you are familiar with iTunes or many other media players, they incorporate a rating system. Usually stars from zero to five define how much you like a song. The player then tries to play those highly starred songs more often for you. Radio station programmers have been using this method for ages in arranging their playlists. The system we use to create playlists also has this capability.

I’ve been going through and marking the most popular songs with five stars and some of the more recent ones from three to four stars, depending on their popularity and their age. As I continue to add music, I will also apply this star rating as needed.

I also plan to keep current with the ratings. As a song ages, the star rating will also decrease. You may have noticed the change starting this week. As we continue, I will continue to rate the songs and keep increasing the quality of the music selection on the New KXRT!

Thanks for listening!


By timmy

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