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Playlist Creation Issue – IMS

This post is to request any help from anyone who is very familiar with Bleu Canard’s IMS – Intelligent Music Scheduler. I am running into problems creating playlists. I set it so that it will not repeat songs for 3 hours and artists for 2 hours. I’ve even stretched the separation of songs by up to 8 hours. In all the Christmas Music, I still find it putting different versions of O Holy Night either right next to each other or multiple times in the same hour. I’ve checked the MP3 Tags, both v1 and v2 to ensure spellings are identical. The only remaining factor is the actual file name. Most tracks have been ripped with iTunes and are simply the track number followed by the track name.mp3.

Is IMS basing its separation rules simply on the actual file name? If that is true, how lame! I can’t see going through and renaming all the files! Waste of time. Please, if someone knows anything about this issue, send me an email: Thank you!

PS: I have looked through their online forums for this same question and found nothing helpful.



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