This post is to request any help from anyone who is very familiar with Bleu Canard’s IMS – Intelligent Music Scheduler. I am running into problems creating playlists. I set it so that it will not repeat songs for 3 hours and artists for 2 hours. I’ve even stretched the separation of songs by up to 8 hours. In all the Christmas Music, I still find it putting different versions of O Holy Night either right next to each other or multiple times in the same hour. I’ve checked the MP3 Tags, both v1 and v2 to ensure spellings are identical. The only remaining factor is the actual file name. Most tracks have been ripped with iTunes and are simply the track number followed by the track name.mp3.

Is IMS basing its separation rules simply on the actual file name? If that is true, how lame! I can’t see going through and renaming all the files! Waste of time. Please, if someone knows anything about this issue, send me an email: kxrt-studio@marinifamily.org. Thank you!

PS: I have looked through their online forums for this same question and found nothing helpful.


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  1. Hello, use the latest version of IMS 0.99.25, you can correct your songs in IMS, just press Library>Browse Artists and set related, similar, give ratings, insert biography/information or if you don’t want to work with your id3 tags to get the best results, just press Get Last.FM data. I’m working with my mp3 Id3 tags, presing the right mouse button, properties and fixing artist, album, year, genre, song. Of course you can use Audioscrobbler function in intelligent music scheduler, don’t forget to press maintenance if you use Audioscrobbler function. Genres you can fix also, Library > Browse Songs right mouse button on song and Change categories, give categorie what ever you want on selected song it’s easy;) The best results you can get really working with your music, changing, renaming mp3 Id3 tags, you can use Special programs like ID3 Tag Editor or what ever you want, i don’t using any Id3 tag editor programs, because i like to change songs and i think this is easer and no need to search for the programs, just pressing right mouse button properties and working with song summary;)
    Let’s say i have Phil Collins and Geneses songs, i’m writing Phil Collins, Geneses; Geneses, Phil Collins or Phil Collins = Geneses; Geneses = Phil Collins and Phil Collins/Geneses; Geneses/Phil Collins, doing that you saying to IMS that Phil Collins = Geneses in other words Phil Collins and Geneses is the one and the same artist, group and IMS now don’t add anymore Phil Collins and Geneses to close, it will be scheduled for your chosed time at the time bar, time between artists. The same function can be done with duets, Just like Beyonce and Shakira, they singing together and you don’t want to hear the Beyonce or Shakira song after their duet song, so you need to do like that Beyonce /Shakira; Beyonce = Shakira; Beyonce, Shakira; Shakira = Beyonce; Shakira, Beyonce; Shakira, Beyonce… I know to do that you need to really work, but if you work you see the results;) Like i say the related, similar artists can be done in Library>Browse Artists and then you’ll see all your artist, groups and you can say what artist is similar or related to avoid problems, in function time between artists, time between related artists, no more related or similar artist will be played before time:) Other functions is albums or years, in this you do what ever you want, if you don’t want to hear the 2,3 or more songs from the same album, just write from what album song is and correct this in album section. I’m writing then song was released in what year, if you don’t know you can search it on google.com, yahoo.com or other websites. The year is really important, because it can be added in the categories window and your playlist should sound better.
    Categories is really important for creating playlists, just write song what category it belong and done. Now song, i’m to don’t know how to do the best for it, just do time between songs, say more hours. Let’s say if you have more songs and want to create 12 hours play list, chose Time between songs 9 hours or 19 hours, it should avoid the problem playing the same song to close. I know there is songs that is singing more than one artist or song have remixses, just like: Poker Fce that singing Laday Gaga ( Original ) and Lady Gaga – Poker Fce ( JDB Radio Edit ) or The Real Booty Babes – Poker Face, these songs can be played to close each other, ok one problem should gone, that problem was Lady Gaga – Poker Fce and Lady Gaga – Poker Fce ( JDB Radio Edit ). Why gone? Gone, because Lady Gaga can’t be played after Lady Gaga it protecting by the Time between Artist limit, IMS know that is one and the same artist;) But The Real Booty Babes – Poker Face can be heared, because the artist is not the same, it can be done on Library>Browse Artists and chosed that Lady Gaga and The Real Booty Babes is the related or similar artists. Done, now Lady Gaga – Poker Face and The Real Booty Babes – Poker Face will not be heared to close… Of course you can set the time for the Time Between Songs like i said, longer than your playlist;) With artists i do the same, i’m creating the 24 hours playlist and chosing Time between artists, let’s say 29 hours, if you don’t want to hear the same artist and for the Time between related artists, do what ever you want, let’s say 8 hours and Time between songs, do the longer than your playlist, about 33 hours, i think this should be enought. So your choise to chose what you want to do;) But for the song protection i recomend you do, related or similar and the song that you don’t want to hear should be scheduled correctly;) One more thing in IMS library you can do browse songs and press right mouse buttom Set ratings and play tape, there is play function and you can chose that song you want to play always, never or on demand;) For the best result give ratings for artists, songs if you want, give ratings for albums;) How to schedule with ratings to the best point, go to file>define ratings and change it for your own use. Don’t forget to select that IMS schedule with ratings, it can be done in IMS>Other bar>Use Ratings, you can even use reverse ratings;) Sometimes IMS can do the mistake, don’t worry, all programs doing mistakes. One more thing for the songs go to IMS>Playlist and select Change schedule time of songs with the same title, there is other good functions in that option, just look for your own best;)

    I hope it was helpful for you. I like IMS, i’m using it and i’m very happy, i think you love taht program to;)
    P. S. if you can’t find the newest version of IMS, just write to me and i’ll sed it to you;)

    Good Luck,


    1. Thank you, Aurimas!! This was very well written and detailed! I’ve since built a relationship with IMS’s author, Pierre. He’s done a lot to coach and help. He’s also updated the code a number of times for issues I’ve seen.

      I’ve used IMS for a long time now and am very satisfied!

      Thank you for your advice with using AudioScrobbler, I’d wondered about that.

      My question about that is does it actually change the id3 tag on the file or just the DB entry internal to the program? I know if you change a category in the library, it just changes it’s DB entry and not the actual file.

      Thanks again!

      1. Hello,

        You’re welcome!! About AudioScrobbler, you can use it, don’t be afraid, because it will do changes only in the IMS program, not in the Id3 tags. You’re Id3 tags won’t be touched!! You can safe press download Data in AudioScrobbler function, it will be downloaded and added changes in your Artists, years, genres, songs, but this will be done only in the program. So you’re files are safe, you can make sure watching it by pressing on your mp3 files. After that update you’re library in IMS, Library>Maintenance, because only after that process, your job will be finished. Now you can see it and create play lists.
        I want to ask, you say that you contacted with IMS creator Pierre. Would be nice to know then he gonna coming back with the webpage and program updates, if you know about that? I’m really very like IMS and would be nice to hear any news from Pierre. That program is really wonderful, very, very user full and so easy to understand and simply to use. Also for that what this software is free!!
        Thanks for Pierre

        Good Luck,


        1. Hello,
          I am in desperate need of this piece of software, but it seems that it was completely wiped out of the internet. Could somebody of you guys send me a copy to my email? Or give me some working link, please. Thank you very much!


          1. Hello,
            I’m searching for this software too. Could anyone send me a copy in email?

            rwsquare (at) aol.com

            Thanks in advance.

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