Ralph, from Germany asks:

Hi you guys,

We (from Germany) are listening to your Christmas music for the third
year in a row now. Thanks for the wonderful selection of songs.

In the previous years I could see the track info (artist, song name) in
my player, however, this year this is not available. Is there a way to
change this?

Best regards,


Thanks, Ralph, for your listenership and your question! I am sorry that currently we have no good way of providing song title info. Let me refer you to a previous post, HERE. Basically, with the current setup, one older machine can’t do the entire job. We’ve had to use two machines to provide the best quality for you. Unfortunately, as of now, I have not discovered a good method of getting song title info to go across. We are working on it! If anyone has some ideas, please let me know!


By timmy

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