Over the past few weeks we’ve transitioned back to the single PC mode of operation. The results overall have been positive. We get pretty stable playback and the song titles have been nice. I have noticed, however, some negative side-effects. Some that stand out are that I find the system locks up more frequently, I can’t do anything else on that machine while the station is “on the air”, after listening for awhile, there are drop-outs due to some caching issues on the Shoutcast server.

When I look at the CPU usage while the station is running, it is constantly pegging up to 100% between winamp.exe and zararadio.exe. The CPU on that computer is just not strong enough to handle all the elements needed. I am happy that we have the family computer back now. We can play games and stuff better now and can use sound.

The ultimate solution is to upgrade. In our current financial situation, this could be awhile. Again, I am not here asking for donations or hand-outs. I’m just letting you know what’s going on behind the scenes. Not many radio stations or internet stations would be so open and willing to share. 🙂

Meanwhile, we will continue in this manner and bring you the best Internet radio station on the planet! Keep listening and find 3 people today to tell about KXRT!


By timmy

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