Lately, we’ve been struggling to get a good, reliable solution to bring you full Artist and Song Title info on the stream. Most recently, we’ve only been able to provide the song title due to some lack of information provided at different points in the chain. Thanks to a great PHP programmer known as Bigue Nique, we are now streaming the full Artist and Title!

There are some small bugs to work out but I think I’ve got a good idea how to fix it. It should be 100% Bueno by this evening.

I am also working our station’s investors (my wife) for funding to purchase a new server. We’ll see if that turns into anything.

Thanks for listening to KXRT: 100% Hits – 100% Fun!

By timmy

One thought on “Song Titles – Working!”
  1. Have you thought about using a hosted solution rather than your own server? Or is there a reason you need to do it on your own server at your house. It seems to me with a hosted solution you could get a better server for less cost.

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