Heya! I was recently able to get a good deal on a better system for the KXRT broadcast! I am currently prepping it to go live. It has higher speeds, more RAM and is just better all-around. I am still scrimping and saving to get a newer system in place. Ultimately that would be the best. Meanwhile, it’s baby steps.

If all goes well, I should have things in place this weekend to go live. I may have to bring the entire station down for a couple hours to get it all setup.  I will do my best to make it a fast and seemless transition. This will benefit all of you as things will run much smoother and I will have to interrupt the stream much less often.

I will also be upgrading my sound processor from the home edition to the more professional version. That’s down the road a little still. This will give us better control of how our station sounds. It will be more consistent and brighter and more clear sounding. Check out Breakaway Live!

Thanks for your patience and your listenership!


PS: Keep telling your friends, coworkers and family about us! Give them the link to this site to get them started! Thanks!

By timmy

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