I’ve created a new Twitter account designed specifically for displaying currently playing music on KXRT. Add @kxrt_songs to your Twitter account to see song by song updates. Just be aware that it will be a busy account as a new tweet will be posted for every song we play.

We will continue to use @kxrt for station announcements and blog post tweets.

For those who may not be familiar, Twitter is an online service that allows visitors to post small 140 character messages with each other. This  is sometimes referred to as Micro-Blogging. Many popular news (like CNN and NPR) and pop culture publications (TMZ or Perez Hilton)and providers have accounts and post breaking news and information. The Twitter community can then RT (re-tweet) these posts in case some of their followers aren’t following that source. As you build your network you’ll see the benefit of Twitter. You can get incredibly fresh news and info on things like earthquakes or floods as well as what Miley Cyrus is currently up to. Yes, there are many celebrities who tweet what they’re doing. Some is admittedly dull and boring, but hey they’re regular people too.

Check into Twitter and set yourself up. Make sure you follow @kxrt and @kxrt_songs.


By timmy

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