Timmy LIVE! was so much fun! I had a blast talking to all of you! Things went almost flawlessly. I was using another computer to record the show and it crashed about 90 minutes in. I only got about 30 mins recorded. Other than that, things went swimmingly! Thank you for all your feedback! I got notes from some who couldn’t get things to launch. I will refer you all to the How To Listen page that is linked on top of the page. If you have Winamp, you should be able to play either stream. If you have Windows Media, VLC, iTunes, anything really, you should be able to listen to the MP3 stream. Our next show should be Saturday the 19th and if you have trouble, call in and I will try to assist. Feel free to post any connection issues as a comment here or on the How To Listen page.

I will keep you updated on our next show’s time and date. Thanks again for listening!


By timmy

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