overview_download20090909Apple just released their new version of iTunes. Version 9 includes a number of great new features but the best one I can think of is the long absent ability to play an AAC+ stream! Our high quality stream is a 64kbps AAC+ stream and has long struggled to have wider player compatibility. Now with this addition, the streaming format can really explode!

If you have iTunes now and haven’t been prompted to update, head to the Help menu way up at the very top and in that menu, choose Check for Updates. This will get things rolling for you.

If you do not have iTunes, it’s a great player and the iTunes Store is incredible to get not only music but movies, TV shows and podcasts. Head to this LINK or click the iTunes graphic to download your own copy.

You will not automatically see a link to KXRT in the Radio section, yet. To get our stream running, up at the top, click Advanced and then Open Audio Stream. It will open a box to type in a URL. Use this URL for the HQ AAC+ stream: OR, for the MP3 mobile stream: Then hit OK and it should start streaming.

To save this as a favorite, click on the Music on the navigation pane. KXRT should appear at the top of that list. Go to File then New Playlist. Name it KXRT or whatever. Click back on the Music item and drag the KXRT item into that new playlist you just made. You can also right-click on the KXRT item and choose Add to Playlist > KXRT (or whatever you called it). You should do this as you will otherwise have to enter that URL each time.

This is exciting news and should really propel KXRT to the next level! Please pass this around to your friends and family and let them know listening to us has just gotten TONS easier!


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