Update 1: We’ve changed our low bitrate MP3 stream to a PS-AAC stream at the same bitrate. What this means is that for the same amount of bandwidth, you’ll get almost CD Quality stereo sound! Now that iTunes has finally added support for AAC+ streams, this change could be made. Please update your iTunes to version 9 to enjoy this new quality!

Update 2: This Saturday evening, barring anything major, we will have another airing of Timmy LIVE! It will be at 8:00PM Mountain Time. I will have just returned from a big day at the Utah State Fair and should have some incredible stories to share. I will also have a new Timmy LIVE! Top 5 countdown for you and a new featured artist. I’m looking forward to it!

Thanks for listening to KXRT!


By timmy

2 thoughts on “Station Updates!”
  1. Amwesome station – I’ve been looking all over for a country mix station like this for AGES! Keeps everyone in the office happy – we have country fans, alternative fans, pop fans – your mix is PERFECT. Keep it going!

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