In our striving to keep KXRT hot and fresh, we’ve just added some more new music along with replacing some poor quality recordings with sparkly clean ones!
We’ve added Kenny Chesney’s Greatest Hits II and a compilation called Let It Rock… 1991.

Greatest Hits II

This greatest hits album release includes 12 previously released singles along with 3 that are either brand new (Out Last Night) or not yet released as singles (I’m Alive (with Dave Mathews) and Be As You Are). We already had some of these hits in our library but they were recorded at a lower quality.

Let It Rock… 1991 is a compilation a lot like the Billboard Top Hits collections that are based on year of release. This beauty includes many precious gems of early 90’s pop hits. These include: Nelson – After The Rain, Everybody Plays the Fool – Aaron Neville and my personal favorite from the era: Gerardo – R-r-r-rico Suave!

These two new additions to our library reinforce why KXRT is truly 100% Hits – 100% Fun!

We hope you enjoy our vast music collection every day right here on KXRT!


By timmy

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