Happy New Year! 2009 was a huge year for KXRT! We were able to upgrade so many things that continue to make KXRT the best internet radio station! We’ve gotten faster computers, better playback software, much better sound processing tools and a snazzy new live radio show! If all that could happen in 2009, I can’t begin to imagine what’s coming for 2010!

As for the title of today’s post, the discussion has been on-going for a while now as to whether we should call this year twenty-ten or two thousand ten or even oh ten. I seem to go back and forth between the first two choices but am leaning toward twenty-ten. What are your thoughts?

A few things right off the bat here for 2010, I’ve retained the talents of one Mrs. R to provide the voice for KXRT. She has a wonderful voice and as we go through the year, we’ll keep the announcements fresh and upbeat! We also are planning our first Timmy LIVE! show for 2010 to happen in January. It will most likely be either the 23rd or 30th. As we work through some details, I’ll be sure to let you all know. Facebook finally allowed us to choose a custom URL for our Fan Page. It is http://facebook.com/KXRTOnline – I wanted it to be KXRT but they have a minimum of five characters. I’ve updated this site and posted announcements all over to reflect this update. We have big ideas for using social media in 2010! You’ll see use of Twitter, Facebook and other networks increase as we build our strategies.

The biggest thing about 2010 isn’t any of these things. Nope. The most important and influential thing that will truly shape what KXRT becomes in 2010 is YOU. We are going to be focusing more energy than ever to make KXRT the internet station you come to most because it’s all about you. Whether it’s the type of music, the mix of songs, features, shows, online content, anything! We truly want to become YOUR Official Internet Station of 2010!

How do you become part of this? Easy! You come to this site and comment to these posts, you go to the Fan Page and comment, you shoot me an email at kxrt-studio@marinifamily.org, you leave a voicemail at 1-801-788-4916, you talk to me on instant messenger, you come up to me in person, you get the idea? It’s all YOU! I am here to entertain you. You need to let me know if I am doing that. Your #1 job for 2010 is to make sure I am entertaining you.

I am so excited for this new year to make KXRT even better! It will happen because YOU will help. Thank you, in advance, for a wonderful 2010!


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