In an effort to better inform and entertain you, I’d like to discuss an idea that we’ve experimented with in past years. We used to program themed days – for example: we had Boot Scootin’ Thursdays (all Country), Manic Mondays (all 80’s) and Freaky Fridays (all Alternative). I liked doing that as it provided some variety to our normal music rotations.

My question, that I’m opening up for free discussion, is this: Would you enjoy a feature like this again?

There are some things to work out. Will it enhance your listening experience at KXRT? Do you think a feature like this would attract even more listeners? Can this become a positive impact to the overall feel of KXRT? Will the featured days be flexible? Can we come up with more ideas?

Please discuss below, in the Comments section. All input will be read and considered in our final decision which I’d like to make by the end of this week.

Thank you all for your input. I hope this makes you feel like a part of how KXRT is operated.


By timmy

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