Thanks to Gavan Bruderer Productions, we’ve got some really great station IDs that we’re going to be launching early this week! We’ll still be using our same voice guy/gal but they will be really spiced up with sound effects and such to really make them POP! Keep listening and you’ll surely notice the improvements!

We really want to keep that FM Radio sound here on KXRT. The internet opens up so much opportunity to be original and take risks. We want to approach that attitude from the familiar sounding standpoint of traditional FM Radio. I grew up listening to great radio in the Seattle, WA area and really that’s what ignited that spark within me of the love of radio. While KXRT isn’t following the standard procedures of what is now really vanilla and cookie-cutter sound of today’s radio, we are still anchored in how radio should and did sound. We play no commercials, we have a huge library of music, and we play those songs that radio today just will not touch.

We thank you for listening and hope you continue to do so and also invite your friends and relatives to do the same! Have a happy and safe St. Patrick’s Day!


By timmy

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