Hey friends!
I need to pop in here to talk about some of the changes going on with the Facebook Page. Firstly, Facebook has made some changes to how pages are displayed. They’ve narrowed the center column, which is no huge deal. They’ve also disabled the use of custom boxes on the left side. This is where I had those colored Play buttons and the Donate buttons. They are still available. They’ve just moved up to the top area, just between my current status and the post box. These tabs will take you to various other pages, including the Play and Donate buttons. This isn’t as I would prefer for your ease of use. I don’t have any way to control it otherwise so we’ll adjust accordingly.

Secondly, we have created a new Facebook Page. It’s more aptly titled to follow our slow migration from the old 100% Hits – 100% Fun! slogan. I am still working to put it together and it might take some time to get it perfect. I will keep you updated on its progress. A few things make me hesitate in just making the change. The major reason is that I fear the 220+ folks who ‘Like’ the current page has taken a while to accumulate and I’d hate to throw that all away. I’m always open to your ideas and feedback so please comment here with your ideas.

I hope all these things will ultimately lead to a better KXRT! With your help and loyal following, it can become an even greater internet station!

Thank you all!


By timmy

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