I just launched our new Facebook Page! The biggest change is the name. Since we’re moving away from the 100% Hits – 100% Fun! slogan and since Facebook will not let folks change their page’s name, we created a new one!

At this moment, it doesn’t have a vanity URL yet so you would either need to click on a link you’ll see here, below, or search for KXRTonline on Facebook. Once you find the new page, you just go to it and click ‘Like’.

I hope to get everyone on the new page. It’s been a slow build and I really love each of you fans!

Please, like the new page and suggest it to all your friends!

Here’s the link (shortened):

In another note, I am looking around for someone to donate a killer logo. If you are or know someone who’s a graphic designer and can throw together a nifty logo for us, I’d really appreciate it. You can send your logos to and I will review them and get back with you if I like what I see. Keep in mind that the logo should be compatible with social media sites and other online resources.

Thank you all very much!


By timmy

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