This Saturday at 2pm (MDT), we will debut the newest syndicated music show on KXRT! Welcome to Anonymous John and his show The Anonymous Collection! Here’s John himself to introduce he and his show!

AnonymousJohn: (I will explain the radio names origin on a future show)
At a very young age my family moved from Indiana to Colorado where I lived for most of my early childhood. Both my sister and brother were much older than I was. Let’s just say my brother graduated from high school before I went to Kindergarten.

The advantage having older siblings was my introduction to Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and many other musicians who were founding fathers of rock-n-roll

As a young boy there were 2 things I set my sites on:

  1. Play music on the radio
  2. Collect as much music as I can get my hands on.

At age 9 two big things happened to me. My sister took me to see Jimi Hendrix, and rock radio moved to the FM side of the radio dial.
I was determined to never allow another kiddie record to ever spin on my record player again and with my allowance I saved up to buy. Blood Sweat and Tears album Spinning Wheels and Iron Butterfly’s album In-a-Gadda-da-Vita, the first two records to start my music collection. As my collection expanded my tastes also expanded, Jazz, R&B, even some classical.

When I was about to enter high school my dad was transferred to Ohio, and upon graduation I went to college to learn the business of radio. I have been in radio announcing and production for over 30 years, and my music collection? I lost count 10 years ago. I am frequently accused of being a music hoarder. My wife calls my walk in closet stuffed with music,”The Vault” and I love to open “The Vault” each week to bring you another show.

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