Due to some feedback I’ve received recently, I’ve begun to create playlists a bit differently. If you read on the About page, under Formula, you’d see that I play songs in a 2+1 format. This would be two Country songs and a non-Country tune, like Rock or Pop. Then I’d play a jingle or some promo to split that up. Starting today (10/5), I am now following the advice and your feedback that says the transition from the typically more mellow Country songs into what could be a very intense Rock song or aggressive Alternative cut was very abrupt.

Our formula for Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays is now 2X2. Two Country songs, a jingle, then two non-Country tunes, wash, rinse and repeat. My hesitance on this has always been the amount of non-music interruptions that happen as the hours pass would be quite high. I’ve listened to radio stations, online and on the radio and have noticed that still most stations will play some sort of non-music element (imaging) between each song.

As always, the floor is yours. Please comment with your feelings after some time of listening to the new formula. Is it better? Is it worse? You tell me!

By the way, on our special days, we will still do three songs in a row, then some imaging, then three more songs. The transition difficulty wouldn’t be there in those cases.

Thanks for listening to KXRT!


By timmy

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