We are giving you 100% Christmas Music through Christmas Day. However, due to some needed system configuration and maintenance, we will be taking down the main station server starting at about 7am (MST) on 12/26. This will remove KXRT from any public access through the entire process. We hope this will only take one to two days maximum. When we return, we will resume Christmas music, as planned, through midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Here’s the techie nitty-gritty: A month or so ago we had a Dell PowerEdge 830 Server donated to us. We configured the server and the music library drives and started operating KXRT from this new high-performance system. We didn’t get a controller card for it and had to setup the storage in a temporary manner that isn’t as reliable or stable. We recently got one of these controllers and have it ready to go in. This will require the system to be completely formatted and re-installed. After it’s all installed and configured, we’ll put all the software and music and get KXRT back up and running.

When we are finally done with everything, we should have a robust, stable and reliable server that can easily handle the day-to-day operations of KXRT. It will also allow us to grow and expand as our needs increase.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding with all the work we’re doing behind the scenes. Please enjoy the Christmas Music through the Holiday Season and be sure to tell everyone you know to listen to KXRT!


By timmy

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