We’ve partnered with Utah’s ComputerComrades.com, a local, on-site computer service and repair company. On Mondays and Wednesdays, we will be giving away a FREE computer optimization service to the individual who wins that day’s contest.

Here are the details of the prize:

“Here is what the Computer Comrades Optimization includes and what it does to increase performance:

  • Hardware and Virus Diagnostic to identify potential security risks or failing hardware
  • Removal of junk software and unneeded temp files to free up storage space
  • Removal of unnecessary background tasks and running applications to free up memory and processing power
  • Ensure all important program updates are downloaded and installed
  • Apply over 50 different system tweaks to allow overall faster performance with improved multitasking

This is something that can be done with almost any machine, especially brand new machines straight out of the box. What a lot of people don’t realize is that computers actually come with junk software pre-installed and it instantly slows the computer down from the moment it is turned on. Most people can notice at least a 20% percent increase in overall performance and many times, even greater!”

We will alert you to be listening for the Song of the Day and the period of time we will play it. When you hear it, be the first person to post the artist and title of the song and “I hate my slow computer!” to both our FB page and theirs. The winner’s information will be taken privately and then they will be contacted by the company to schedule the appointment. Easy! Your post will look something like this:

“Brad Paisley’s Online – I HATE my slow computer!”

Our Facebook Page: http://facebook.com/KXRTRadio

Theirs: http://goo.gl/WTsjc

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