Earlier this week, we reached a killer milestone! We were listed on iTunes! Due to the popularity of this application, we’ve seen an enormous amount of growth and have had some trouble freeing up listener slots on our servers. This will really propel America’s Country into an excellent position for growth and success!

iTunes, if you’re not familiar is a product of Apple Computers. It’s a media player but also much more. You can link into the iTunes Store and download music, movies and some TV show episodes for viewing on your home computer or compatible mobile devices. iTunes has been around since January 1st, 2001 and just passed it’s 10th anniversary. Because it’s compatible with both Mac and PC systems, the reach of iTunes is incredible and keeps growing!

Due to this incredible audience, you might find it difficult to stream from iTunes. You can always stream from any of the other links on our main page. If you need help using iTunes or any of the other connections, please look in the “How To Listen” page, linked above. We are looking for ideas on how to increase our capacity. We are always accept donations with the Donate button.

We’re extremely happy with this news and look forward to further growth! Thank you for choosing America’s Country!


By timmy

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