Welcome to our new website! This one was a long in the works and it’s finally here! We moved from the super-reliable and excellent wordpress.com servers to our own self-hosted wp.org site. We love WordPress and it’s flexibility, security and speed. With the launch of our new format back on New Year’s we’ve been able to look at more opportunities with advertising and contests. WordPress.com does allow a lot of flexibility, however, they do not allow any advertising. It quickly became necessary to look at other solutions.

As mentioned, WordPress is excellent and a lot of major companies, including some of the largest radio corporations run all their station’s sites from WordPress. It’s a great platform. Here are some of the features this new platform allows:

  • advertising (we will not advertise on the air but we feel like we could make things better for you if we were able to bring in some money somehow)
  • featured article slider
  • mobile site compatibility
  • faster load-times
  • more themes and layouts
  • polls
  • so much more we’re just learning about

We hope you will explore the site and let us know what you like or don’t. We’ll be happy to make any adjustments for you!


By timmy

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