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In the past few weeks, Nashville’s been pumping out a lot of great new music! We’re excited to add new music and aren’t too picky like some Country stations out there. I listen and if it sounds Hot, I’ll roll it!

Husband and wife duo, Thompson Square, released their third single called I Got You and it’s gonna fly up the charts! This team sound so good together and the songs they sing are so real-life and true, it’s hard not to enjoy each one. Their first single, Let’s Fight, and their recent #1, Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not, all fit that bill perfectly! We’re excited to hear each new track from Thompson Square!

The new trio of super-star progeny, Stealing Angels, have released their new song, Paper Heart. It’s a moving song that really touches on some tough emotional challenges. We had a lot of fun with their last song, He Better Be Dead, and hope they get some chart traction with this beautiful tune.

From his upcoming fourth album, Rodney Atkins has another hit on his hands with Take A Back Road. Following on the heels of his Top 5 single, Farmer’s Daughter, Rodney hopes for a #1 with this new single.

Sunny Sweeney follows up From A Table Away with her 2nd release, Staying’s Worse Than Leaving. Response has been very good with this song and we hope Sunny will have great success with this new track!

We already have these songs in our regular rotation and invite you to comment on these songs and others! You can request your favorites by Text or phone call at 801-788-4916. You can also post your requests on our Facebook page, HERE.

Thank you for listening to America’s Country!


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  1. Good article. Love that you are playing Stealing Angels new single and like their sound. They’re some of the kindest people I’ve had the privilege of meeting. I believe they will be bigger and better than the Dixie Chicks.

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