You all have an assignment this week. As you’re listening, please write down two lists for me. List 1 will be called “Missing Songs”. List 2 will be called “Garbage Songs”.

For List 1, you’ll record songs that you would like us to add to our playlists. This is NOT for requesting songs that we do play. This is NOT to ask us to play certain songs more frequently. These are songs that you’ve NEVER heard on our station and would like to have us add.

For List 2, you’ll list the songs you do hear that we should get rid of entirely. Please let us know these songs that offend you or make you want to mute or turn off the station. This is NOT to tell us to play a song less because you may be ok with it but are getting tired of it. This is for songs you think we should get rid of ENTIRELY.

Once you have your lists after a couple hours or days of listening, please email them to studio@kxrtonline.com. This will be a huge help with how we make our station sound.

Thank you for your help!


By timmy

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