I know there are a ton of you out there who really want to listen to great, commercial free Hot Country Hits! Perhaps you’re on iTunes and keep getting the Server Full errors whenever you try. Maybe you just need a good, stable connection with high quality sound. I know you’re out there right now, frustrated. Today is your day! We just upgraded our server capacity to allow up to 150 listeners! We have our servers in Dallas and Washington, DC to best serve our listeners from The America’s and the world!

Thanks to CloudBroadcaster.com for their special attention and flexibility, we have this upgrade in place. We originally could only hold 25 listeners on our one server and 25 on our alternate. The way we arranged it is we now have our main server capable of serving Hot Country Hits to 100 people, then 2 more 25 listener servers making a total of up to 150! I’m excited for this next step in our growth and evolution!

As you might guess, these upgrades, while exciting, are costly. I have put up several Donate buttons on this page as well as our Facebook page. I usually don’t like soliciting donations, but it has come to a point where my family’s finances are stretched a bit now. If you have a dollar or two, please feel free to donate through those buttons. I understand money is tight for all of you. That’s why I really hesitate even saying anything. The potential for America’s Country is HUGE and I’m very excited to see where things go from here. Yes, the government and the recording industry are not entirely friendly to small operators like me. It seems the bigger the station, the more you have to pay. I want to avoid having on-air commercials; otherwise, we would be no different from your typical FM Country stations. I need to be different. I need to provide a solid alternative otherwise, there’s no reason for me to be doing this.

I’m so happy to provide you with the best entertainment and very enthusiastic for the future of America’s Country! Thanks for joining us and being a part of America’s Country!


By timmy

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