For the time being, we will be suspending the Bobby D Show. The show is great and I loved having it on the air. I need to re-evaluate the whole idea. I like having all the music and I suppose you all do too. Please comment here with your feedback and We’ll look at our options again.

Thanks for understanding and for listening to America’s Country!


By timmy

3 thoughts on “Morning show info”
  1. I wasn’t all that impressed with the Bobby D show. I can do without the comedy routines, the parodies, gossip. Just play the music, that’s what I listen to radio for. It’s gettin to the point where I’m listening to my mp3 player more and more.

  2. I really liked the Bobby D show. Seemed to break up the music nicely. The show is on every where so I probably won’t listen to this station anymore in the morning, I will listen the rest of the day tho.

  3. Thanks Gene and Jared for your feedback. Bobby D isn’t off the table. I just want to be sure it’s the best fit for our Hot Country Hits design. We might look at Bobby D after the new year.

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