We’re pleased to offer you our 100% Christmas Music this year! This incredible variety of great Holiday music will continue through New Year’s Eve. We’ve collected over 4,000 Christmas songs over the years and they span a gigantic area of time and genres to be able to entertain, touch and tickle you. We play the music 24/7 with only 2 brief interruptions per hour to ID our station and no commercials!

The idea here is why would you listen to any other source of Christmas music? FM stations have tons of commercials and only a couple hundred (at most!) songs. Your MP3 player doesn’t play a continuous flow of music with enhanced sound and hardly any repeats. Satellite or other digital music sources really focus in on certain types of music and you have to search around for different styles.

When New Year’s Day 2012 comes around, we will return to our Hot Country Hits programming and we’ll also celebrate our 1 year birthday! We’ll have some contests and other goodies to thank you for keeping us going!

Please enjoy our 100% Christmas Music programming for the rest of 2011! We’d like you to also spread the word! Let your friends and family know that we play so many types of Christmas Music, not just Country! We’re looking to break some records!

Merry Christmas!


By timmy

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!”
  1. Love the variety. Much better than the radio playing the same songs over and over. Love listening at work.

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