Happy Fourth of July!!

God Bless the USA!

America’s Country is born and bred on the solid foundation of our great Nation! Years of aggressive development and innovation has brought us to such a high level of technological advancement! We are indeed proud to be American!

This Independence Day marks 236 years of being the United States of America! We celebrate our independence and freedoms every day but on July 4th, we focus our thoughts on what makes us who we are and how we got here.

Along with the fireworks and barbecues this year, please take a quiet moment to remember and imagine all those who nailed down our Constitution and fought fiercely to maintain and uphold that sacred document.

Because we live in America, we have the freedom to express our feelings. We have the freedom to fight for change. We have the opportunity and duty to take part in elections locally and nationally to give our individual voice to how we want to live.

Country Music is some of the most patriotic out there! We are honored to provide you with this great music to give you an emotional tie to our beliefs and our freedoms each day. This Independence Day, we will be featuring, along with our normal selection of Hot Country Hits, a great number of patriotic hymns, songs and expressions. We hope you enjoy it and if you want to participate, please leave us a voicemail on our Listener Line: 801-788-4916.

Thank you all and join me in my love, honor and respect for our Great United States of America!

Happy Independence Day!


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