[important]We are looking for some volunteers to add their skills as writers to this site! If you would like to be part of the team, shoot me an email: studio@kxrtonline.com[/important]

I’m looking for those who can scour the media and social networks to post high quality and hard-hitting news from what’s going on in the world of Country music! I’m looking for various styles of writing, from opinion to news to just random trivia-like articles.

As I mentioned, this is strictly volunteer so you won’t get paid. But you will get full credit for your articles and can use them in any future endeavors you may have.

I will continue to write articles about what is happening with America’s Country and any other items I want to write about.

In your email, please send along some samples of your writing. They can be excerpts pasted in or links to articles you’d like me to read.

You MUST entirely and completely LOVE Country music! You need to know the artists and their music. You will also need to be willing to respond to reader comments and do so. You obviously need to be able to write well. At first, I will only need one article per week from you. I will be looking for about 3-5 volunteers at first and will continue to adapt and adjust as needed.

All your articles will be on this site as well as a like posted to the America’s Country Facebook page and Twitter accounts.

Please pass this post around to your friends or co-workers! I need a lot of exposure to get this project off the ground in a hurry! Post the link to this article on your Facebook and Twitter accounts! Do whatever you can to get the word out!

This should be an exciting new development to the culture that is America’s Country!

By timmy

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