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Steve Holy

After taking a few years off to enjoy fatherhood, Steve Holy was getting ready to come back to us. When he was leaving home to go to Nashville, his daughter asked “Dad, where you going?”
“To Nashville dear, I need to work”
“You don’t work, daddy”…

Thankfully, he did go back to work because he released Love Don’t Run in September 2011, in which he teamed up with producer Lee Miller. The first single titled “Love Don’t Run” fared relatively well becoming his 3rd top 20 song. Steve has now released his 3rd single off the CD – “She Hauled Off And Kissed Me”. This upbeat, fun song is a reflection on how things have changed with time. How women no longer sit and wait for the man to make the move. Steve would like to see this one move up and be his 3rd #1 hit, however he surely wouldn”t mind it taking off with a bit more fire then his 2 previous #1 hits! Although Steve is used to being patient, it took his first hit 18 months from the release of Blue Moon to hit the top spot. And it took his 2nd one 36 weeks to climb the charts.

Nine years after Steve’s 1st big break in 1993, he won a weekly country music variety show held in Arlington, TX, and had a hit! Steve is probably most known for this legendary song – “Good Morning Beautiful”, which stayed at #1 on the charts for five weeks in 2002. The song was featured in the movie Angel Eyes starring Jennifer Lopez and even reached 29 on Billboard Top 100. The CD Blue Moon that the song came from reached Gold Status nine years after its release. The hit is always a staple in the romantic song queue.

Steve released some singles over the next few years including “Rock A Bye Heart”, that topped off at 37 on the charts in 2003. In 2005, he released his second CD Brand New Girlfriend ~ the title track was the ringer on this one as it did become his 2nd #1. “Men Buy The Drinks” started the climb but petered out at 38 on the charts, but it is always a fan favorite at his shows.

Love Don’t Run contains a cover of “Help Me Make It Through The Night” in which Steve’s voice cuts you to the core. You can feel his emotion coming out of the speakers. The song became an instant favorite of mine! “Wonders” is a snappy tune and is one of his favorite songs it wouldn”t surprise me to see it come out as a single before it is all said and done.

… He tends to agree with his daughter, “This isn”t work.” He knows it is a blessing he gets to do this every night. And so do we and for this reason we give a wholehearted welcome back to Steve and look forward to hearing what he brings to the table in the future as well.

If you like what you hear, call or text America”s Country and request ~ She Hauled Off And Kissed Me ~

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  1. Congrats to Nickie on her new venture! I’ve known Nickie for only a short time; I hunted her down after seeing that she has earned the position of #1 fan in both Steve Holy’s Fanzy and Official Fan Club. And, she’s held that position for… oh, how long has it been now? Oh yeah, FOREVER. She is a great addition to America’s Country because of her sincere love for country music, country artists, and country culture. She works hard to advocate for underdog artists who deserve a bigger and brighter spotlight, a cause close to my heart. I’m happy to see her find her niche. Again, congratulations Nickie! – Rayleen, founder of the Lovin’ Steve Holy street team

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