A carefree day on the water in Vero Beach … Wipe out … Mangled shoulder … Lead to one of the most poignant new beginnings for Jake Owen.

A wakeboarding accident severely injured his shoulder and squashed his dreams of becoming a pro-golfer. He knew he had to reassess, redesign his future. Lucky for us, music is the direction he chose to focus his interest and hard work! He picked up a borrowed guitar and learned to play it. He started out playing covers in bars, once he had a few original songs he tried them out – good response – more of him followed! He signed a record contract when he was 24 with Sony/BMG Nashville. Jakes 1st CD was released in 2006 – his 3rd Barefoot Blue Jean Night was released in 2011. Easy Does It came out in between in 2009, and housed “8 Second Ride”, his 5th top 25 on Billboard”s Country Hits.

In 2011, the release of ‘Barefoot Blue Jean Night’ was another new beginning, beginning of people starting to really know and understand his music. The self-titled single was Jake”s first #1 hit! Released in April 2011 it steadily rose up the Billboard country charts securing the top spot in September 2011. The song finished with the 2nd highest ranking for the year. He was touring with Keith Urban ~ Up next opening for the epic Brothers of the Sun tour.

He has had new beginnings in his private life as well …. In 2012, he asked his girlfriend Lacey Buchanan to marry him. He did it in his own “Jake surprises his fans” style. He proposed on stage in his hometown of Vero Beach on April 7, 2012. They got married a month later again in Vero Beach FL… yup, many new beginnings ahead here as well!

Jake appreciates his fans and shows it by including them in things like his proposal. He interacts with them on a personal level on twitter, sometimes even responding physically to special requests. By having impromptu Stageit concerts, back to back both with encores! He is just him on those nights. He shares with the fans as if he were talking to friends. Once he talked about a life mentor named Pearl. What a special person she was in his life, he then shared when she passed. He has introduced us to Lacey and never hides his feelings, his love for her. The relationship he is building with his fans has helped launch him to the next level in his career they will be there for the duration.

His current single “The One That Got Away” is steady on the charts at 25 now and it is slowly making its ascent upwards. Could it be another #1 hit single for Jake?

September 25th, Jake will be releasing an EP “Endless Summer”. October 10th, he kicks off his headline CMT on tour ~~ Summer Never Ends ~~ in New York City. This is his first headlining tour and he is bringing ‘Love and Theft’ and ‘Florida Georgia Line’ along for the ride. Are there more new beginnings in store for Jake? With the tour along with the fact that Jake and Lacey expecting a daughter in November I imagine the answer is yes!

The One That Got Away — http://www.cmt.com/videos/jake-owen/793779/the-one-that-got-away.jhtml
Barefoot Blue Jean Night — http://www.metacafe.com/watch/sy-1020866127001/jake_owen_barefoot_blue_jean_night_official_music_video/
8 second ride — http://www.metacafe.com/watch/sy-34288607001/jake_owen_eight_second_ride_official_music_video/
Jakes proposal to Lacey — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-cY62nwzwg
Jakes Web site — http://www.jakeowen.net/splash

– Guest Writer Nickie Techmanski (Find her on Twitter: http://twitter.com/Acologal)

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