We’re Back!! (For good this time!!) We were going to wait and do our full comeback launch on December 1st, but we just couldn’t stand to wait any longer!

As of Sunday afternoon, November 25th, we started streaming 100% Christmas Music! For the next few weeks, we will play nothing but Christmas Music. No commercials, just Christmas Music.

Any of you who have listened to our Christmas Music before knows you’re in for a special treat! We don’t just play the same 100-150 “traditional” songs over and over. No, sir! We have a library of over 2,000 Christmas and Holiday music that might just blow your mind! We take great care in making sure the music rotates so you shouldn’t hear many repeats either by the same performer or the same song.

We also only interrupt to briefly ID the station 3 times an hour. This means you can turn us on and leave us on all month! In your home, your car, your office, on your mobile devices, anywhere!

We will shortly be listed on the major listing services like Shoutcast, TuneIn, iTunes and Windows Media. Meanwhile, you can ALWAYS use this master link to get to our stream: http://bit.ly/TXVmf0 Please save, bookmark and favorite that link. It will ALWAYS work to bring you to the streaming page.

I’m so thrilled to be back on the air with you! It brings my heart so much joy. Thank you for listening to America’s Country!!


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