I’m so happy to share your Holidays with you! Thank you for sharing yours with me. While we are in the midst of 100% Christmas Music, please try to remember the meaning of Christmas.

Whatever your religion or beliefs, Christmas is almost universal for giving and for sharing joy and being happy.

In the world there are many reasons to get down and be sad. People do horrible things. Crimes are committed. But if you can go out and create joy for someone else, you will find some yourself. There are also so many ways to help others. Just look around. Your neighbors might have some leaves on their lawn. Someone may need help bringing groceries or other items into their car at the store. Someone might just need a smile and a hello.

As this wonderful Season continues, let’s all make an effort to bring a smile to someone!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


By timmy

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