~~ Please allow me to introduce you to Sweetwater Rain ~~

Sweetwater Rain
Sweetwater Rain

They are one exciting new band on the horizon. I heard and met the band a few weeks back at my local radio stations new music “wolf den.” They invite artists in along with a few listeners for a short acoustic set along with a chat. I was taken back when they started the first song. The power in Fred’s voice is alluring, then incomes the harmonic beauty of Ruth. It is all to the background of some serious guitaring. They played a few of their songs and I was ready to buy a CD on the spot! Although that is down the road a bit, their first single “Starshine” is available now on iTunes. It will be dropped to radio officially on October 22. I would encourage y’all to visit iTunes and download the single and be sure you let your local radio stations know you are interested in hearing it.

Sweetwater Rain was not planned, per say…

Danny Rivera had been chasing a dream since childhood same as their guitarist Fred Stallcup and bassist Thomas Hewlett. They all wanted to share their music with people, to be able to sing for a living, Fred and Danny had even played together in a band Rio Grande. Ruth Collins a singer, songwriter found her way to Nashville and got signed by CURB records as a solo artist ….

The guys were approached and asked to listen to Ruth and have her harmonize on a song. It was the piece that was missing so instead of a one-time collaboration they became well, one. It made sense to go Php Aide in this direction, having Ruth join with the guys added a whole new dimension. How ironic that the song that brought them together is a song about ‘destiny’. The song features a strong vocal beginning by Fred, the intensity builds through the lyrics then some hard hitting strumming introduces Ruth’s beautiful harmonic voice into the mix. I would say that it was destiny that brought them together and will keep them together for a very successful career. They had all been with other bands but never seemed to fulfill what they were chasing, they seemed to be doing what “others” wanted not what they wanted to be doing. That is all different now!! They are super excited because this is who – what they have all wanted and been chasing. While doing a songwriting session with songwriter, producer Anthony Smith their shared love of music brought it all together and Anthony signed on to produce their 1st album. Anthony has worked with some of the best of the best, George Strait, Rascal Flatts, Tim McGraw and the list goes on. I most emphatically state that as all the pieces continue to come together and as country music fans start to hear Sweetwater Rain, they will most definitely reach more of their dreams like playing at the Ryman and of course at the Opry.

Sweetwater Rain has been out all over the country doing a radio tour. They have been enjoying their travels across the country, especially getting to experience the “foods” of the area they go to. By doing the radio tours they are able to get to know fans in a way that should help them build a great following for many a year to come. They are so humble and sweet very “girl or boy” next door. They felt like, well, friends pretty much instantly.  There was no pretentiousness at all, Ruth even baked cookies. Now it is usually me taking something like that to a meet and greet for the artist. . They are wrapping the radio tour up in the next 4-5  weeks then will be back in the studio working on that CD so be sure  to stay tuned to their website, FB page and twitter to keep up to  date on them.


-Nicki Techmanski – Guest Columnist


By nickiet