Going Up!
Going Up!

The Next Chapter…

For a few years now, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed entertaining you with the best of today’s Hot Country HIts. It’s very rewarding and has been cool getting to know a few of you more personally. I’ve also met a lot of great mentors who have helped me develop this station and the way it operates as well as how it sounds. To all of you, I offer my deepest gratitude. Thank you!

Each month, it costs some money to operate America’s Country. In order to be legal and completely compliant with federal laws regarding music performance, I pay a certain amount based upon how many listeners I have. Since I only want to be completely legal and protect myself from some ungodly fines, I am doing it right. The other half of the cost is for streaming. Depending on how many listeners I want to serve, I pay a provider to open that many slots on his servers. To try to defray those costs, I have put banner ads on my websites as well as donation links. I have purposefully avoided soliciting donations or encourage you to click the banners because it sounds cheesy.

Occasionally, I’ve looked into playing advertisements on the station. I’ve never really wanted to do that because I feel like the internet has a great opportunity to be different than traditional AM/FM radio. Having no commercials seemed like the easiest and most obvious way to exploit this difference. However, due to several factors and a great opportunity that is right before me, I have determined to start adding commercials. This is not bad news! Because of this opportunity, it is now possible for me to continue giving you America’s Country without risk of having to stop, if situations arise that would require me not spending that money here anymore. It is also great news because now, I will have more flexibility to have a more stable environment. I can upgrade my equipment as well has get business-class internet provider. I can also get much better broadcasting tools which will only enhance the sound and presentation quality of America’s Country.

I am excited about this next chapter! The details are still being worked out and nothing is set in stone at this point. To help you and myself get accustomed to this new programming, I have now included several PSAs to help us get a feel of how adding commercials will affect the sound of America’s Country. I started adding them Monday, the 4th and so far, it’s not a huge, shocking difference. Believe me, I really don’t want to have to add commercials, so I am very critical of how it will sound and, as I mentioned, I’m not really put off by it at all. The initial plan is to add about four minutes of commercials per hour. As most of them will be 30 seconds in length, we will play them two at a time. That’s four one minute commercial breaks per hour. Listen to your favorite FM station and keep track of how many breaks they take per hour and how long each break is. Just in a casual observance, I counted four breaks at seven minutes each one afternoon on a local FM music station! Once I heard a five minute break followed by a weather report, one song and into another five or six minute break! This will just give you some comparison to what I will be doing.

The other side of this is your continued support. If you hear an ad that sparks your interest or sounds like a good idea, please make the call, visit the website or the business to show your support. I also encourage you to continue clicking on the banners on our websites. If you need to buy something at Amazon, find the ad at the bottom of the Listen Page, it will always have some theme or seasonal items, but you can buy anything. Clicking that ad will attach our affiliate ID to your purchases and we’ll gain a commission on each sale without affecting your cost at all. Please stay with us! Continue to be the rock-solid loyal listeners and friends you’ve been! Continue to share our station and websites with your friends and family. Share us on Facebook/Twitter/Google+/etc, etc… America’s Country can now break through any barriers that money has always built! We can be the number one Country music station on the internet!

I love you all and thank you for your continued support as we grow and become better!



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