Bring You Back
Bring You Back
From song one, “Tell Me Where You Want To Park,” Brett Eldredge gets on it! His ooooo is pretty sexy in a very subtle way getting the point of the song across. It’s got kind of a “feel good” feel to it and is one that I can see getting air time. Certainly the type of song you can picture everyone singing back to him at a show.

“On and On” stands alone – it’s simple yet the music is fantastic. It’s an easy light song with deep rooted emotion oozing out of the lyrics.

“Gotta Get There” is another “quirky” song with a catchy beat – you feel comfortable with it and want to sing along the first time hearing it.

“One Mississippi” holy moly this song is fantastic. The piano sets the tone throughout the song. It’s a bluesy type country that really highlights the flexibility in Brett’s voice. I’m hooked on this one. The intricacy of the lyrics is great and the delivery is second to none. “Everyone has their demons’ – ain’t that the truth. It questions why we run. From the beginning, Brett’s vulnerability brought me deep into the song. They lyrics are so telling and the realism that Brett is able to bring to the song is outstanding! Literally the song gives me chills time and time again. Hands down one of my favorites – special spot on my iPod.

“Bring You Back” is Brett’s newest single and the second he’s released off the CD. Honestly it is so heartfelt that I imagine it has quickly become a staple on many a girl’s play list. It is so realistic for us all as we all have “fears” and we all have “heartbreak.” We all tend to live in a world of denial when it’s convenient for us emotionally and I think that is why this song a resonated so well so quickly.

On “Waited Too Long” you get another glimpse into Brett’s wide range vocally. Strong – yet soft! The delivery allows me to picture a video as I hear the song.
Brett walking on a dark rainy night with the moon trying to glow as it is peaking out behind a cloud, he pauses, looking at a house, up at a window then out of the door he sees her walk out on another man’s arm, with deep angst in his eyes he lowers his head “I waited too long.”. Now, that my friends is what country music is all about it tells us a story, delivered to good music felt in the heart.

“Mean To Me” is another deeply felt song. Brett does make you believe every word that he’s singing. The music keeps you anticipating … the lyrics deliver the “fire” … perfection.

“Signs” has a strong musical interlude that I love. It probably has the truest “country sound” on the CD because of the strong fiddle playing. I like the upbeat toe tappin’ sound. It’s a song you can see being used for a “soundtrack” small town football Friday night scene.

I like the beat the ‘oddity’ of it in “Go On Without Me,” it brings the song to a different place, it’s as if it’s your heart beating. The ending is like life’s last heartbeat. Simply put, it just made a playlist of mine that I won’t be around to play.
Some of the songs tend to stray in a direction many will say ‘that’s not country,’ however that to me is unimportant. The entire collection of songs is great and will be relevant in today’s country. He didn’t take it too far into the pop realm, so I think it will be well received by even the more traditionalists. Brett exceeded my expectations with the entire CD, his vocals are outstanding and not repetitive. The music is some of the best I’ve heard in a long time, at times it as if he has a symphony backing him up. I could go “On and On” talking about how great this album is but what I’d really recommend is for you to grab it and give it a spin to see or should I say hear for yourself.

-Guest Columnist,
Nickie Techmanski

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