keep_calm_and_roll_out_by_triosky-d5qt5zaWe made it to 2014!! I wanted to welcome the new year in by just posting some quick updates.

First, we’ve added two new shows! Saturdays at 10am MST will be the home of a brand new show called Nashville CAT. This show is featuring classic artists performing new music. Then at 7pm, we add more to our Texas Country/Red-Dirt music repertoire by adding The Texas Country Music Countdown! This will really fill out our already fantastic specialty programming on Saturdays for you. See our On-Air page for details and links!

Next, because of your votes and some soul-searching on my part, we are continuing to feature all LDS music on An Inspired Selection every Sunday. It will continue to be commercial free and with only 2 station IDs per hour. Thank you all for your input on this. See our An Inspired Selection page for more info.

Finally, I have some very specific plans for some great promotions and contests through the year. It’s still a lot of fun to have quick Facebook/Twitter/G+ contests to give away CDs. I’m working on some bigger and better prizes and hopefully will be able to swing something a bit better than just a free CD. I can’t say much more than that at this point but believe me, it will be incredible!

One more idea I’ll put to a vote shortly is if we should add a second hour of 90’s music, perhaps in the evening. Put your thinking caps on for that one and I look forward to your opinions on that!

Thank you all for sticking with us for three HUGE years!! I truly appreciate your loyalty and your friendship! I only ask that you occasionally share our station with your friends, co-workers and family so we can continue to grow! Please continue to provide your feedback and ideas. Let’s make 2014 our biggest and best year!

Love ya!


By timmy

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