Parmalee – Carolina

Parmalee - Carolina
Parmalee – Carolina

I think perhaps the week of 12/8/2013 will be one that Matt, Scott, Josh and Barry are going to remember as a turning point in their career.  Their single “Carolina” hit #1 – “Feels Like Carolina” their debut CD was released and in their words, they had “really good seats” at the ACS’s & they introduced Thomas Rhett. Things are getting “real” for them after a long hard climb the hard work and dedication is paying off as their dreams are materializing as we speak.

I waited to hear “Feels Like Carolina” for over a year and am thrilled it is finally here! Parmalee has a lot to offer the music world and I’m glad they are getting their chance to share it with us. I was comfortable with the album on the first listen to – to me that is a good sign. – Familiar in an odd sense, the songs are fresh and thankfully Parmalee’s sound comes out loud in clear in each and every song.

They kick it of in high gear with “Musta Had A Good Time” – humorous lyrics with some fantastic music backing up them up! The song took me back to the “good ole days” of my youth and “the house” that we all frequented to get our “party” on.

Day Drinkin – has a great feel and flow to the song – Matt does some fun things with some of the lyrics like his “Lets’ Go” love it – keeps you swaying to the music for certain

“Dance” – what a fun beat – what a fun song from when Matt starts is off with “Aw start it up.” The song has traditional country sound mixed with “new” sound keeps it very relevant for radio play today!

“Dance” Starts with a great country vibe – fun lyrics meld well with the music – will fill the dance floors with it’s boot scootin feel.

“Carolina” – Y’all are probably most familiar with “Carolina” – I liked the song the first time I heard it however it is one of the songs that grows and resonates. It’s like fine wine the more you hear it the better it becomes. It showcases the softer side of the guys and tells us what it’s like for them on the road missing that special someone –

“Think you Oughta Know That” – Matt’s tender voice reaches through to the core as the song builds you pick up the nuances of Matt’s voice – the honesty – the rawness the vulnerability you hear is sexy. This is one of my favorites on the album.

“My Montgomery” is a great song with catchy lyrics and strong music backing them up, its talking about going back to “small town” home.’ The musicality, the beat of it hooks you as Matt’s voice draws you in with his sultry voice.  You always hear that “country music” is about the “lyrics and story they tell” based on that this is an outstanding “country song.”

The guys next single just released to radio is “Close Your Eyes” This song captivated me from the get go!! Matt does a fantastic job of portraying the emotion of the song! Very subtle and sexy – might be my favorite Parmalee song!! The song is well written as it sets the setting for a the “perfect” romantic night ~  Start requesting it – I certainly see another #1 coming with this one, and I bet it climbs there pretty quickly.

It’s a fun album!! Over all “Feels Like Carolina” runs the gambit from the tender heart warming songs like Close Your Eyes  to Harder hitting songs like I’ll Bring The Music and a few in between – the common thread in the CD is some top notch writing with fantastic delivery by Matt, Josh, Barry and Scott!  I foresee it being very successful in introducing the music world to Parmalee!!

-Guest Columnist Nickie Techmanski

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