fbnotificationsFacebook has been outwardly public about their desire to nearly eliminate the natural spread of posts from Pages. They’ve basically forced Page owners to pay to post. I am all about businesses making money and Facebook is no exception. However, I have problems when something that is essentially marketed as a free platform for sharing and ingesting information is ultimately turning away from that. In this case, there are still some ways we Page owners can help more of our Likers see what we share. One easy way is to have them enable Get Notifications so they will get a red indicator at the top of their Facebook whenever we post something. As the above picture illustrates, this is done by you hovering your mouse over the Liked button and clicking on Get Notifications. A check will appear to let you know this feature is enabled. Once you’ve done this, you’ll start being notified when we post something. This is pretty important as we are constantly posting news or funny items, but mostly, we also post many games and contests where you can win free stuff and you don’t want to miss that.

We do have a presence on other social media, like Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and mostly everywhere. We easily get more interaction and participation on Facebook. I generally will post most things across all the platforms in order to really get my messages out as far as possible.

Other ways you can help me with making sure my posts get out is by commenting and liking them! I’ve read that the posts that get commented on the most will reach more people. I encourage you to plop your silly thoughts and your opinions on anything and everything I post.

Another thing I learned very early on is that a lot of Facebook Page Likes does not equal a lot of listeners to my station! I feel that is quite frustrating and sad. I shouldn’t be running a really awesome internet radio station and running a really awesome Facebook Page. I should be running a really awesome internet station that has a cool Facebook Page.

Thank you for taking a moment to read this and for setting Get Notifications on. If you need help or have better ideas, please comment here!


Love ya!

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