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Hey friends! We had the distinct honor of being featured in a fantastic article on one of broadcasting’s premiere company’s newsletter and website. Telos Alliance is a conglomeration of several very high-end broadcast technology companies. One of which is Omnia Audio. If you’ve been around broadcasting at all, in or around radio stations or friends with some employees, you’d recognize the name. Along with professional hardware broadcast audio technology, Omnia also produces high-end software solutions. We have recently installed such a product called the Omnia A/XE. The A/XE is a combination broadcast audio processor and internet radio streaming encoder. Basically, it’s what makes America’s Country sound so good!

Shortly after installing this outstanding product, one of their representatives called me and we had a great conversation about the product as well as America’s Country and what we do. Now that conversation has been published on their website and you can read it now!

Here’s the URL you’ll need to visit their site and read this great article.

Special thanks to Kirk Harnack, Tom Vernon, Clark Novak and the others involved with Omnia and Telos Alliance. Your hard work and expert crafstmanship is invaluable to America’s Country and any internet broadcaster who demands only the best!


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