i_love_the_90s_281x211We (and you) Love the 90’s!!

We asked and you guys answered! Over the past several weeks, we’ve had a poll posted asking for your opinion on the amount of 90’s Country we play. Overwhelmingly, you responded that we should play more. I’m particularly fond of Country music of the 90’s as that is when I both gained a love for radio and the music itself. When I hear those songs, I instantly feel like I’m back in those early days of my life and in that transformational period in the history and evolution of what Country music is today. We’ve long held the tradition of playing an hour of 90’s Country at noon everyday for our 90’s @ Noon feature. A full hour of commercial-free 90’s hits that “takes you back without making you feel too old”. We had great response and many requests as well as our listener stats always make a big jump during that hour. We knew we were doing it right!

Now, for the past couple weeks, we’ve added another full hour of commercial-free 90’s Country and named it The 90’s Drive @ 5. Now every afternoon at 5pm Mountain, we give you another chance to think back to those wonderfully light and free days of a decade that brought us the World Wide Web and Garth Brooks. Be sure you set this time aside each weekday to listen to The 90’s Drive @ 5!

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