Hey friends! I’ve been considering adding a new category of music to our playlist. We’ve been playing the Texas Country Music Countdown every weekend for many years and it’s gotten some really good feedback. Due to the growth of this sub-genre of music, there’s been a bit of excitement about it in the industry. It comes across as very honest, raw, and genuine. There’s now several high-profile music monitoring and charting companies that are tracking airplay and downloads.

I’m currently working out the details and connecting with labels and artists to get ahold of some of this great music. Once I gather a good library and come up with a good way to present it, I’ll be adding it to our regular music rotations.

Based on some feedback, recently, there’s a general distaste for some of the modern, poppy country music. I strive to make America’s Country as appealing and enjoyable for all of you. Everyone’s a bit different and has a different background and come from different places in the world. I can’t ignore what’s making it big and what a lot of people want to hear. But I also like the idea of some good variety. We’re not a big, corporate owned station. I have some freedom to have some control over what goes on the air. That’s a lot of the reason I play a lot of 90’s Country. I REALLY like it! I think a lot of you like it as well.

Keep an eye here and on Social Media for more information. I hope to get this setup and organized quickly. Thank you for listening and making America’s Country part of your lives.


By timmy

One thought on “Texas Country Is Coming”
  1. Timmy…greetings. Just a line to say hi to you from Australia. I’d love to hear some Texas twang, BUT I do like current music mix. Anyhow, I hope my note makes you smil knowing a world away people are listening. And have been doing so for months. Every good wish, George.

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