America’s Country has been an amazing adventure for me for these past eight years. However, my history with Country Music spans at least 30 years. I started listening to Country music in the early 90’s and immediately fell in love with the feel, textures, attitudes, but mostly, with the story telling.

No matter what the current trends in Country Music are, there is always an underlying story being told. Even with “bro country”, the lyrics and music might have been a bit of a departure, but there’s still a story being told. I would be ignorant to say other types of music don’t tell stories. They all do. But what always keeps me coming back and keeps me “in the saddle” is that Country Music is completely driven by stories.

Early this year, we’ll be making some minor adjustments to how we present the music. We’re not changing the music. We’re not moving away or towards any kind of Country. We’re just changing how it’s presented. Because everyone likes a bit of mystery and intrigue, I’ll not post all the spoiler info here.

Keep an eye on our Social Media and keep an ear to your music player. You’ll soon start hearing our change in narrative.

As always, thank you for listening and I will be really hoping and praying for your continued feedback as we make some of these changes. I want to know if it’s garbage. I want to know if you love it. Post here or on any of our Social Media with your comments.

Thank you! Timmy.

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