Let’s see what we’ve done so far after turning the page on our new chapter. I wanted to review with you the changes we’ve made. As mentioned, the changes weren’t anything major, but subtle adjustments that should all culminate in our goal of a very engaging and easy to listen to source for Country Music.

What You Hear

We have discontinued the 90’s shows on the weekdays, The 90’s @ Noon and The 90’s Drive @ 5. We discontinued the Zero-Talk Four-Play that had us playing four songs without any interruption at the top of the hour. We stopped overlapping station IDs and other elements on top of the song intros. Our purpose of making these adjustments are under the main goal of making our station easy to listen to. So each time you tune in to us, you get the same station. Not talking over the music is key to our focus on story. The story of the song. Just like you’d not be able to enjoy a book if you lost the first couple chapters, a lot of the song’s story is presented and set up in the song’s intro.

We’ve also made some slight adjustments to our music rotations again, to smooth out the listening experience.

The Story

America’s Country will be a library of stories. The stories of the artists and their songs. The stories of you, our amazing friends and listeners. And our own story that brings this all together.

We’d like your stories to be on the air. If you’re feeling brave, you can call our Listener line at 801-788-4916 and leave your brief story with us. These recordings will be, at your permission, played on the air. We’d ask you to leave your first name, the town you’re from, and just a quick bit about who you are and your story.

If you can’t reach this number for some reason, you can record it yourself and email it to us at studio@americascountry.us. Contact us directly if you have questions.

I’m excited to see where we go with this new chapter. So far, things feel better. Our overall numbers have increased. If you’d like to share our story, please send this short URL to whomever you’d like: https://bit.ly/listen2us

Thank you!



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