Hi friends! I’ve been working on the How To Listen Page for the past couple weeks. It’s needed some TLC and new info added. The biggest change comes in under the Station Listing Services section. Over the years, we’ve added our station to many of these listing services. I’ve combed through years of email history and verified they are still alive and still play the station correctly and added them to the page. I’ll continue to add more sites as I update old listings and add new ones.

What triggered this work is the recent change that TuneIn Radio made that limited stations that could be listened to from the United Kingdom. TuneIn is currently one of the largest sources of listeners for America’s Country. It’s very important to let you lovely people know that you can listen from many other sources.

I hope that the updated information is helpful. If you run into any issues, please let me know and I’ll work on it. Please bookmark/favorite the page and refresh often to see what’s new!


By timmy

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