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May’s 100% What? Weekend – 100% 80’s!

Awesome 80's

Totally AWESOME! KXRT will be 100% 80’s the weekend of May 15th! Get out your bright neon spandex, leg warmers, slap-bracelets and Rubik’s Cubes! You’ll hear the likes of Michael Jackson, Madonna, Phil Collins, Rick Springfield, Bananarama, Beastie Boys, and oh, so much more!

And to make this 100% What? Weekend even more authentic, we will be playing all our music from 45’s, 8-tracks, cassettes and Atari 2600 game cartridges! Don’t believe us?? You’d better listen and hear the sonic delight that is Pure 80’s music!

This should be boss, tubular and gnarley, all at the same time! We hope you tune your giant shoulder-mounted Ghetto Blaster in to KXRT for the 100% 80’s Weekend coming to you May 15th!blaster1

-Timmy: EXCELLENT! <air-guitar riff>

100% George!

George Strait
George Strait

You voted and this weekend is now the 100% George Weekend on KXRT! We’ll be playing all his biggest hits and some lesser-known songs. King George has been on the scene for more than 30 years! We have a huge collection of his songs all lined up to play for you today and tomorrow!

We hope you enjoy!


Poll: 100% What?

A couple weeks ago we surprised you all with a 100% Garth Brooks weekend! It was a big success and just a lot of fun! It was easy to do since we have a huge library of Garth tunes. I have considered doing this again and this time wanted to involve you in the decision process. I have a few other artists that I could scape together enough songs to make a useful and not too repetitive playlist. Use the poll below to give us your vote on who we should do for the weekend of April 11th.

100% Garth!

All day Saturday, 3/7, we will be playing all of Garth Brooks’ biggest and best hits! Listen all day! Tell your friends and family who all love Garth to tune in and listen while doing their housework or putting away groceries. Crank it up!

Today, KXRT is 100% Garth!

Garth Brooks
Garth Brooks