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Fall 2017 Update

Hello friends! It’s been too long. We have been in a very steady growth phase. I’ve made some previously mentioned musical adjustments, adding in more 90s music, especially. You all have responded very well!  We’ve also freshened up our station IDs and other elements to enhance our overall presentation. Again, you have loved it!

Some of the freshening includes our utter gratitude towards you. We are so grateful for your support and in your choice to make us your station of choice for great Country Music! Thank you also for spreading the word around to your friends, co-workers, and family.

Each time I check our listener numbers and other stats, it truly makes me so proud that so many of you come back day after day to get your Country Music. Thank you.

As far as any updates, there’s nothing really major happening. I think we’re in a good “groove” and we continue to grow and make small adjustments here and there, if needed. As we end Summer and move into the Fall season, we do some fun things that coincide with the Holidays. We’ll play a few Halloween-related songs, like Thriller and Monster Mash on Halloween. We’ll also begin sprinkling in Christmas music throughout December. It should be a lot of fun.

Please continue listening! Please continue spreading the word around about us! Please continue to email, message, or text us (see our Contact page). Hit us up on Twitter and Facebook, any time. Thank you!


Moving Forward!

Thank you!


Friends, I need to express my feelings and my deep gratitude for all of your support. I love entertaining and bringing people joy. It was some of the bleakest times when I had to stop providing fun and enjoyable music for those few months, last year. When the good folks at DJC Media approached me and asked if I was ready to get back on the air, I was elated! I was also quite a bit skeptical given the costs involved and I felt like I needed to research and ask a lot of questions. Moving forward!

After I was satisfied that things were on the up and up, I was more than enthused to get the ball rolling again. That was a few months ago and now we are here, in February of 2017. So far, we’ve been on a steady incline. Things have changed. We may not be able to get back up to the amazing numbers of listeners we had back in 2015. But I am so happy that you all are here and I’m more than satisfied with where we are.

As I mentioned before shutting down, this is a labor of love and it was never about money, for me. It was about making people smile and feel good and have a good time. This holds true today. Now, there is truly no money involved. I have to rely on whatever promotions that I can do without incurring an expense. Social media is great! But anything like paid posts, I can’t do.

How can you help us move forward?

This is where I ask you for your help. There’s one big way you can all help and it won’t cost you a dime. Spread the word! Use your social media to let your friends know about us. Send emails, texts, phone calls, even letters! Talk about us at work, at church, at your child’s daycare. Simply send them to If you wish, we always have our secure donation links on our page. If you feel like you can spare a few cents, you may and I would be most grateful and I assure you that your donation will only be used for our station’s operations and will help us move forward.

You, our friends and fans, are going to be the key to our future success. Because you hold the information, you should share it! Don’t keep it all to yourselves. I need all of your help. I feel like the changes we’ve made and are continuing to make will really make us stand out among all the normal country music stations on the radio and on the internet. This is how we will grow and become a major player in the industry. I don’t think anyone else is taking this same approach. This is unique. This is fun!

Thank you all again and let’s keep growing and moving forward together!


Security Updates

Internet Security

As always, I try to keep up on the internet’s latest technology and methods. I also want to keep your safety and security at the top of my list. Over the last several days, I’ve updated our website and web servers to secure data exchange between our servers and your browsers. This is important to ensure that any nefarious people or bots cannot alter any of the text, images or links that may be offensive or harmful.

This will also keep our website up near the top of your favorite internet search results. If you ever need to find us, we’ll be there!

America’s Country will continue to give you the best in technology and, of course, the best in entertainment!

Thank you all for listening!


2017 is looking like a great year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I am very much looking forward to the New Year! 2017 is going to be a fantastic year for America’s Country! We’re still working our way back to where we were before we were forced to pull the plug almost a year ago. It’s been a slow climb but I’m more than happy to keep pushing and pushing. Due to some major differences in the financial aspects of how we are able to be on the air, we have to be a little more creative. I am proud to say we have some interesting changes coming in 2017.

Internet radio is not “regular” or terrestrial radio. Yes, we can certainly do the same things and play the same songs as regular radio stations do, but why? In choosing music we play on America’s Country, I’ve always retained my love for the great hits of the 90s and early 2000s. We play today’s biggest hits, newcomers, and some tunes you may never hear anywhere else. I also play songs that were hot in the past months or year that radio has stopped playing. Some examples are Burning House by Cam and Better Than You Left Me by Mickey Guyton. I play these tunes because they are just great songs and sound good. I also play a bunch of 90s hits that are just fantastic to hear again and again. Shania Twain, The Tractors, and of course, George Strait and Garth Brooks are always amazing to hear.

The Plan

What I will be doing over the next weeks and months is gradually shifting our musical focus away from today’s Top 40 hits and more towards this great library of hits from the 90s and early 2000s. America’s Country will still play these Hot Country Hits and continue to break new songs when they sound good and fit in with the sound of America’s Country. I love Country Music and I know you do too.

I am very excited for these changes and will absolutely keep my hand to the pulse to make sure these changes are good changes. The New Year is going to be amazing and I can’t wait!

Happy New Year!


Christmas Music

Christmas-Spirit-575x431Friends, I’m excited to start sprinkling in some Christmas Music into the regular playlist over the next month! We’re going to be starting slowly. At first, we’ll be adding in about one song per hour. We will feature some of the biggest classics from Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, Brenda Lee as well as your favorite Country performers. Garth, Carrie, Lonestar and Lady A.

Christmas Music is fantastic and I love it deeply. I also know that sometimes, it can get overwhelming. We’ll try to keep it fresh and interesting. We’ll crank up how many songs we play every week or so. Finally, on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we’ll play 48 hours of commercial-free Christmas Music!

Thank you all for listening to America’s Country and Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Season’s Greetings!

Listen right now to America’s Country:


New Shows!

Our New Shows

We launched two exciting shows over the past week. One is a returning show and the other is a brand new show for us. We’re proud to bring back The Texas Country Music Countdown. Hear the top 20 songs from the Red Dirt and Texas Country music charts each Saturday at noon Mountain time. Host Kenny Schneebeli presents a fun and fast-paced countdown show. He features hot artists from this unique sub-genre of Country music.

We are excited to now have a new morning show! Each weekday from 6am-10am, we present The John & Heidi Show. Husband and wife team up to bring fun and entertaining information and news. Click on each of the show’s titles to be taken to their websites and find out more about these great shows.

We’re happy to add these cool and upbeat shows to our already amazing selection of Hot Country Hits and great classics from the 90s! Please listen to these shows and give us your feedback. We’ll pass it along to them.

Thanks so much for listening!